Guest Info


Closest Airports:

Michigan – Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) or Flint Bishop International Airport (FNT)

Missouri – St. Lewis Lambert International Airport (STL) or Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

Hunting Clothing to Bring:

  • Camo clothing for all weather conditions
  • Whites for laying in decoys if required (tyvek or similar tops and bottoms are a cheaper option for this) – recommended for snow goose hunts.
  • Warm and waterproof footwear
  • Hats and gloves for various weather conditions (hand warmers are a good idea as well)
  • Camo facemask – recommended for Turkey hunts.

What To Bring

Michigan Waterfowl and Missouri Snow Goose:

  • 12 gauge or larger shotgun (20 gauge can also be effective with proper shell/choke combination)
  • Non-toxic shot shells (recommended #2 shot or larger)
  • 2 boxes of shells per day (this is a recommended number… some days may require more and some will be less)
  • Headlamp
  • Snacks, drinks, and other personal items you may require to make your hunt as comfortable as possible.
  • Cooler and ziplock bags to store your game after harvest.
  • Chair/stool – we do have stools/buckets that can be used, but feel free to bring your own if you would like.

Michigan Turkey:

  • 12 gauge or larger shotgun recommended.
  • Quality turkey shot shells that pattern well out of your gun (a turkey choke tube can make a big difference in shot pattern performance)
  • A valid hunting license for the season and zone you will be hunting.
  • Seat pad for sitting on ground.

Required Licenses:

Michigan waterfowl license and federal duck stamp required. Visit Michigan DNR website for info on license options for non-resident hunters.

Missouri: Non- Resident license for spring conservation order in Missouri is $47.00. Find more info here: Hunting Permits | Missouri Department of Conservation (

Michigan Turkey License: We recommend purchasing private land only license for unit ZZ (0301) or 0234 (depending on timing of your hunt). Visit Michigan DNR website for info on license options

Turkey (

Season Dates:

Missouri Snow Goose: Feb 17th thru March 25th

Michigan Turkey: April 22nd thru May 31st.

Michigan Waterfowl: September 1st thru 30th (goose only) and October 14th thru November 12th (Goose and Duck)

Bag and Possession Limits:

Missouri Snow Goose: No Limits

Michigan Turkey: 1 per person

Michigan Goose: 5/person daily limit

Refer to appropriate regulations for more detailed information

Are Client Dogs Allowed?

Yes, well trained client dogs allowed.